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Our company provides a wide range of engineering services. Our main competences are measurement systems, especially vision systems, and laser processing systems. We also provide technological consulting services. Our solutions currently work in industry and earn money, which is the main goal of research and development for the industry.


Measurement systems

Measurement systems are an important element of every technological line. Our company offers designing, manufacturing and implementation of various measurement systems for a given technological application. Our solutions have found application in industrial, scientific and space applications. We create a measurement system suited to the application and for the client. We have a software department that will allow you to implement solutions that meet your needs. In addition to the measurement itself, our systems enable instant archiving, statistics, and data collection in a secured cloud.

Vision systems

Our offer focuses on the design and implementation of vision systems for industrial and scientific applications. We offer both subcontracting and complete services for vision systems projects. In particular, we have gained experience in the areas of: designing, manufacturing and installation of optical and lighting systems, design, manufacturing and installation of measuring and auxiliary equipment for vision systems, design and implementation of computer applications analyzing images and clouds of points.

3D scanning for automation

Wherever 2D measurement is not enough, and shape accuracy is extremely important, 3D systems are used. Our company implements advanced three-dimensional sensors for many industrial applications, from quality to process control. Our systems are made to measure and thanks to highly efficient computing units integrated with the sensor – they can be directly used on the process line without an additional control unit.

Laser systems

Laser technologies are now an important element of technological lines, especially in the automotive industry. Our company specializes in remote systems which i.e. allow cutting, welding or marking from a relatively long distance. Systems of this type are based on galvanometric heads, and are used more and more widely in industrial and polygraphic applications. Laser machine tools using this technology have accompanied our company’s projects since the beginning of our operation.

Processing stations

We offer completed laser processing stations such as engraving and marking.
These processes take place by changing the surface structure of the material using a laser beam deflected by mirrors in the galvanometer head. This is extremely fast and precise machining and allows to reach the accuracy of several micrometers. Depending on the selected laser it is possible to process different materials starting from plastics, ending with metals. In addition, we also specialize in designing and integrating machine tools tailored specifically to customer needs. The range of possibilities of using a laser beam includes, among others: micro welding, laser cutting, surface structuring, etc. The selection of laser parameters and galvanometric head depends mainly on the size of the required workfield, the selected machining method and the range of processed materials. As a company, we help the customer define his needs and we are able to design a solution tailored for them.

CAD design

We have access to CAD software that allows us to design in 3D various types of elements and machines adapted to the needs of our customers. We offer dedicated solutions when there is no such component available on the market. Our designs include elements from enclosures, through holders, assemblies all the way to laser machine tools. We help our clients in prototyping their products, we provide both 3D models and 2D drawings and we advise on how to effectively perform individual parts. We also have experience in designing measurement stands used in both automation and scientific research projects (such as the measuring chamber of the DREAM experiment).

Integration services

In addition to providing high-quality sensory and laser systems, we also offer our clients integration services and full support in the implementation of solutions. We help you by choosing a solution, through system design up to implementation and service.

Technological Consulting

Our services also include technological consulting in the field of measuring systems and technological systems. We draw our experience from many projects that we have implemented in many scientific and industrial institutions in Europe and in Poland. Each system implemented by us is supported by reliable knowledge and the main goal is satisfaction, quality and profits for the customer.