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Scanway in media

Some of Scanway’s projects gain wide attention of Polish and foreign media.

Through our successes, we inspire young engineers and scientists to develop the Polish space industry, which is one of the main assumptions of our activities.



„A space drill can work on asteroids,” said its creators from the Scanway company in Wrocław. Now they want to deliver 1 kg of asteroid raw material to Earth. They give themselves time until 2040. „[The creators of the” space drill „want to bring the asteroid material to Earth,, 4 May 2017 [accessed: 4 May 2017], < up-Scanway-mining-raw materials-from-asteroids-will-possible, articles, 212576,1,1.html>]

On March 15, 2017 at 11:43 from the ESRANGE spaceport, a REXUS 21 rocket with the DREAM experiment on board started in Kiruna. The apparatus worked perfectly.

The DREAM team is still analyzing the data collected from the volatile campaign, and the same campaign can be read in many articles: